SZR Lipa, apart from the production of furniture, has also specialized in interior design. The interior design service is given by our team.

What does the process of interior design look like?

Everything seems to be very simple, and is realized in threephases.

Phase one – making a demand

A client wants interior design and gets in touch with us. Our architect talks with the client, defines the conditions to begin with, and makes a choice of the basic style of interior design – of course in harmony with the likings and needs of the client. We make a virtual project of the basis of the object, where we plan to realize the project. The architect, in cooperation with the client, makes a choice of the basic elements of the interior, the colour and type of the decorative textile (chairs, armchairs, booths, the wall colours, etc) as well as the basic qualities of the interior design.

Phase two – making a project

The architect makes a project of the best solutions which will harmonize modern interior possibilities with the demand and likings of the client. Modern technology is used, and the process of making project gives the possibility of a simultaneous 3D display of the work process on the interior. In this way, the architect realizes the preparation for the third phase, or the presentation of the work to the client.

Phase three – presentation

The architect presents the client with the finished project, they talk and define corrections, if they are necessary. On finishing the project, the architect gives an order to our production team, and the realization of the interior design starts.

By making an interior design, the architect gives life to the space, and the products of our company give a desired splendour.